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YouTube Kids review

YouTube is a platform known to entertain the people of all age. Be it news, music, lessons or reviews, one can find them all over here. However, there are videos that are not suitable for children and therefore a more contained experience is necessary. And that’s where the app - YouTube Kids comes to the rescue. Created by the team of Google LLC, YouTube Kids makes it safer and simpler for the small ones to browse the world of videos. There is a slew of features that entertain the children along with ensuring that they stay away from the content that is not suitable for their age.

The YouTube Kids app takes an extra step in ensuring that no distracting or unsuitable video pops up in front of the children. It does so with help of filters, feedback from the users, and human reviewers. This way, the app shows videos which are family-friendly. Apart from all this, the app constantly safeguards the app with updates, thereby helping the parents create a right experience for their little ones.

The app lets the parents make up to eight kids’ profile. The profiles can be customized based on the video viewing preference, the genre of the videos, their recommendation, and settings. Further, the YouTube Kids app provides various additional features to the parents. If they do not wish their children to see a particular video or channel, they can block it easily. By blocking it, the preferences related to the same gets removed from all the kids’ profile automatically.

With the amazing video reporting system of the app, parents can report a channel or video which they think is not suitable for kids. The video or channel is reviewed by the development team and necessary action is taken quickly.

Search Control option of the YouTube Kids app is quite an innovative feature. Parents can turn the search on for their kids to browse more videos on the app. Or they can just switch it off for a more contained experience.

Want your kids to watch videos only for some time? Then restrict their time to watch videos with the help of the timer function. YouTube Kids also boasts of an amazing function called ‘Watch on TV.’ With its help, the app can be mirrored to selected TVs and the entire family can watch the same show together on a large screen.

All in all, YouTube Kids is an app that has been designed keeping in mind the children of age 13 or less. It has an elegant and kids friendly interface. All it has is videos for fun and learning. With amazing control in the hands of parents, they can easily control what their little ones are watching on the web.

The Bottom Line

With YouTube Kids app installed on the smart devices of your little ones, they can explore a world brimming with amusement, merriment, and knowledge. The app is light, easy-to-operate and cent percent kids’ friendly.


Easy to Setup the Profiles for the Kids Excellent Parental Control


Annoying Commercials Before and During the Videos

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