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TikTok review

TikTok app is an art platform. It helps creative people to express their thoughts via unique video clips. You can show yourself or find the videos made by others that you will really like. It is a place where singers, dancers, amateur movie makers can be themselves. The friendly atmosphere helps new talents to rise.

TikTok was made for adventurous spirits, who can’t sit still. This means, that the app must be fast enough to be able to catch every move, every small expression of your face. You may notice something brilliant after you record the video or take photo. Highlight it and add cool music at the background. Your future fans will love it. And don’t worry about quality of display, it is great.

The interface is clear and easy to understand for anyone. It was made for people whose main concern is their art. They simply don’t have time to waste on understanding how everything works. TikTok app gets that. With a simple design, it keeps the quality of short videos on a good level. Music Library in the app is fascinating. It offers a wide variety for you and millions of options that can inspire anyone.

It does not take too much time to download the video. After several minutes, you already receive positive outcome from your friends around the world. Besides, developers of the app watch carefully for any lags that may appear. However, this app has one minor but really annoying negative moment – it has numerous ads in it. Still, after some time you will not even notice them. Relax, forget about all your problems, focus on the positive sides of your life and start your own creating process. You can share a video that lasts 60 seconds. Don’t forget that you will need an Internet connection to post the video online.

TikTok is like a professional studio with all its tools. You can add numerous layers with multiple effects on your video, cut anything or edit. Advanced options allow you to synchronize picture with the music. It is available in over 30 world languages.

Make sure you are ready to share some personal data with the app. It will ask you to go through the registration process. You will have to enter your name and email address, confirm your age and give details of a credit card. To start your acquaintance with the app, you have to create your account. After the form is filled you can enter. You will see lots of various videos posted here. Sign up to share videos and write comments.


TikTok offers you a unique experience. You can receive inspiration by watching the best videos shared by others. You may create your own clips which will look amazingly professional. Do something cool and record it. Make it much more than one memory. Share your masterpiece with the whole world. Who knows maybe it is your destiny to become famous?


  • Great quality of video;
  • Facial recognition option allows you to record every emotion;
  • Big and friendly audience;
  • The app is easy to control.


  • It asks lots of different personal data from you;
  • There are ads in this app.
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