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ST (JiJi) Math: School Version review

Often, children don’t like to learn because this process seems boring to them. But, fortunately, there are numerous possibilities to dilute the learning process with games and even with mobile ones. Here comes ST (JiJi) Math: School Version. This app is a cool math game, that your child will definitely like.

ST (JiJi) Math: School Version was developed by MIND Research Institute to create a deeper conceptual math understanding for kids from K to 6th grade. What is more interesting, the main inspirer and founder of the ST Math program did not do well in school himself because of the dyslexia problem. That’s why the program aims to teach kids to visualize mathematical concepts and processes like solving equations or multiplication before they try to do it using numbers or language means (ST abbreviation means ‘spatial-temporal’).

ST Math has already is being used currently by more than 3 000 schools in 43 states and more than 150 000 students succeed in math learning by the app. However, the ST (JiJi) Math can’t be full lesson alternative, it is rather a unique supplement to the school curriculum. The app can be used both in class and at home.

To start using the ST Math, a teacher or parent should set up a kid account using only the name and a password. After that, the student will get constant access to multiple mini-games, tricky quizzes, and challenging puzzles.

The ST Math interface is presented by JiJi the penguin. The character interacts with kids in every game and is also engaged in the game process.

Due to the amount and variety of available games, the ST Math never gets kids bored. On the contrary, the exciting experience of solving tricky puzzles is motivating. In doing so, students develop a practiced response that makes them take on the next challenge with force and enthusiasm.


With ST (JiJi) Math: School Version, students play games and learn math at the same time. The app has been successfully implemented to the school curriculum in more than 40 states and gives excellent results every year. With almost 300 math-concept games and puzzles available, the ST Math can become a great assistant in math understanding and solving skills development. Download this app to help your child simply and easily handle the math without numbers and complicated formulas.

ST (JiJi) Math: School Version is compatible with most Android devices. To provide the proper work of the app, check the system requirements before you get it from the Play Store.

Make your kid like mathematics and keep them excited for learning something new with cool games and puzzles.


  • Deep conceptual math understanding;
  • Student engagement;
  • Creates rigorous problem solving;
  • More than 250 games available.


  • Need for teacher involvement.
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