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SkyView review

In theory, stargazing can be so fun and soothing, and with the right companion it’s so romantic as well! But actually reading the sky ‘like a pro’ can be challenging, especially if your astronomy skills are sparse. That’s where the SkyView application steps in. SkyView is an intuitive augmented reality (AR) application that utilizes your mobile camera to spot and unveil various stars, planets, constellations as well as multiple other heavenly objects residing in the neverending sky.

In addition to this, you can also use the SkyView application to enlighten yourself about astronomy-related facts, statistics, and coordinates. If you have children, the app is perfect for witnessing satellite fly-bys as well as some really exciting purely educational experiences. SkyView works on both iPhone and Android devices, which is excellent news already. So just point your mobile at the sky to enjoy your breathtaking stargazing session. Oh, and haven’t we mentioned that SkyView is totally free to download and use? Don’t you just love that!

Once you first launch SkyView, the app will require a lot of permissions. It will request to access your camera and your current whereabouts. SkyView will need your location to accurately identify objects in the sky. After that, the app will briefly guide you through its functions as well as some other useful hacks. Then SkyView will finally start on your device and you can point it at the sky right away.

The moment you move the cursor over to a certain constellation, the app will form a cartoon connecting the stars so that you can see the complete picture. Feeling the urge to learn more about the celestial body you’ve just discovered? Tap on the small info button near the app name. Additionally, SkyView will show you individual stars and their orbits, helping you find the exact stars you need whenever necessary.

The SkyView app won’t flood you with multiple settings. You will make use of a few adjustments to indicate the quantity of stars you can enjoy seeing and the size of the planets on your display. Additionally, you can photograph and make videos while using the app, as well as switch off the sounds and star trajectories. The application also features the calendar functionality. It lets you know where a certain celestial body be located at a chosen period of time.


The SkyView graphics are excellent and effective without being too bloated or too succinct. And it’s a great tool to keep your kid busy in a very educational way. Haven’t you ever been curious what constellations the stars form in the night sky? If you have some free time on a weeknight, enjoy going outside with your friends or family and have fun stargazing via SkyView to your utmost peace of mind and satisfaction.


  • user-friendly graphics to help you focus on the magic of stargazing;
  • intuitive, straightforward settings: very easy to master;
  • a lot of educational material: perfect to stir up your mind;
  • accurate star position;
  • available for free download for Android and iOS.


  • matching stars can be challenging;
  • AR is mainly static;
  • stars are not that easy to find.
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