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NissanConnect review

NissanConnect is the app that connects the car to third-party apps, including Google and Facebook. Using the app on the road helps the driver to stay in touch with the work or entertainments, news updates, favorite music, and friends. You don’t have to lose your precious time on the road, feeling disconnected from modern life. The app connects to the car’s display and you may see messages from your friends or results from Google search on it.

The NissanConnect app connects your favorite apps and your car. There are extremely simple and intuitive controls. Developers implemented text to speech technology and voice recognition so drivers would not have to use their hands to navigate the app. Now your eyes can stay on the road and hands on the wheel, while you are sending voice commands. However, you need to download NissanConnect Services app if you want to send commands to your vehicle including starting and stopping the remote engine.

You will also need to check the compatibility of your car with the app. You can do it on the official Nissan Company website. If everything is ok, create and register your account on Nissan Owner’s Portal. Once the registration is complete you can download the app and log into it. After that, you will be able to use third-party apps on your vehicle’s display. To select apps you need to enter Manage My Apps section in the NissanConnect app.

Basically, you receive extended options that may improve your navigation on the route. With Google Online Search you may check the best ways to travel or nearby cafes and restaurants. Built-in GPS will not allow you to get lost. It has over 6 million miles of various roads. And you can always check the business of traffic. There is a Bluetooth hands-free system that helps you to make calls while you are driving. Make sure that these calls don’t distract you from the road. Now you don’t even have to look down onto the messages, as there is voice navigation.

If you are still not used to checking messages while you drive, you can listen to the music. Find your favorite channel on iHeartRadio or Pandora. Check SiriusXM Radio for entertaining shows or listen to the sports scores and movies listings via Travel Link.

NissanConnect is a complimentary app. Many drivers receive it as a gift in 3 years of free access after they buy the vehicle. In another case, you have to subscribe to it. Before you will do this, you have to check whether your vehicle is compatible with the app or not.

The app is known for its reliable security system. It sends you alerts about speed and curfew. It has stolen cars locator and roadside assistance. NissanConnect notifies you on automatic collision and provides you with emergency services numbers.


The NissanConnect app helps drivers to concentrate all their attention on the road while still having fun with their favorite third-party apps. It makes the driving experience more pleasant and helps to avoid potentially dangerous situations, follows traffic business and suggests you the best routes. Before downloading the app make sure it is compatible with your car.


  • Simple navigation system;
  • Voice calls and messages;
  • Favorite music.


  • It does not work on all vehicles;
  • Requires wi-fi connection.
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