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Nextdoor review

Nextdoor is a free to use social network application created for you and your neighbors. You can make the most of it whenever you want to stay updated on the news and happenings within your neighborhood. The power of word of mouth should not be underestimated. There are multiple ways people who live nearby can help you. All you need is a quick and straightforward instrument to get in touch with most of them.

Whether you’re looking for a local last-minute hair stylist, a business partner nearby, a pro in your area you to have your hair straightener repaired or planning to participate in a local celebration, the Nextdoor app is just what the doctor ordered. A lot of business owners partner with one another using Nextdoor. Furthermore, the app is an amazing tool for local businesses to promote their services to their closest target audience.

Now let’s point out the main reasons why Nextdoor is so popular these days. By using the application, you will easily:

  • Find a local reliable babysitter or an excellent nanny.
  • Set up a neighborhood crime watch: speedily warn your fellow-community members about crime and/or incidents.
  • Get genuine and trustworthy recommendations (read as: priceless!) for the best local service companies, schools, doctors, catering services, etc.
  • Get your hands on the goodies whenever a neighbor publishes items they want to give away for free.
  • Spread info during a natural disaster.
  • Hire a great dog walker.

To assist users in creating a trustworthy environment, the Nextdoor developers have designed a feature that verifies each and every neighbor who’s using the app. Every neighbor has to prove their actual address, provide their real name and phone number. As a result, everybody knows each other within the Nextdoor app.

Here’s how you can take advantage of the app in 4 easy steps:

Install Nextdoor → Create an account → Add your business to the app → Share your profile.

Inside your application, you also get to post messages, polls, events, alerts - anything you’d like to share with people from your neighborhood. Also, you get the functional possibility to create groups in the Nextdoor app. This will help you always stay in touch with people from your local area who have similar craft hobbies, fitness goals, intellectual aspirations, etc.


So, to pinpoint the practical side of the application, Nextdoor is used for selling and buying stuff, for organizing events and getting reviews about the local specialists. In a global sense though, the application is meant to stimulate neighbors to constantly stay in touch with each other and eventually build a strong, safe and friendly community. According to the Nextdoor app creators, the neighborhood is one of the most crucial and helpful communities in people’s lives.


  • you get to participate in a free and private local community;
  • you can easily find a new place for your unwanted goods;
  • you can find local help when your dog gets lost;
  • you can speedily get the word out about a crime;
  • you can find/recommend a one of a kind babysitter;
  • you can promote your business to potential local consumers;
  • you get to finally remember your neighbors’ names.


  • the app doesn’t come with paid moderators to delete weird or outdated posts;
  • in-app ads;
  • occasional bugs and hiccups.
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