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Move to iOS review

Move to iOS app helps you to change your smartphone platform from Android to iOS without much trouble. Usually, it is not the simplest thing to do. And some of us prefer to buy smartphones with the same platform over and over again just to avoid the mess with content transferring. In 2015 Apple has found the way to ease the procedure. They created Move to iOS app.

Forget about keeping another backup of your data in some separate place. You don’t need to transfer all your files one by one. The app will do it for you. Move to iOS will gather your message history, contacts, mail accounts, memos, calendars, bookmarks in browser, various reminders, music, video, documents you keep on your old phone and send it to your new one already converted.

If you were using some of the free apps, don’t worry. This app will take care of everything. It will link your email ID with iTunes store and find the apps you were using on Android there. Usually, free apps that exist on Android can be found for free on iTunes. The app helps to find the match.

There is an intuitive interface in the app, and you don’t have to look for tools. All of them can be found on a menu. The app will guide you through the whole process by giving understandable and clear instructions. You will need a Wi-Fi connection that you can trust and Android and iOS devices on. Before you will start the whole procedure check the size of the memory of your Apple phone. It must be bigger than on Android.

The main feature of this app is the complete and easy transfer of all your data from one system to another. You can save everything from your former phone, including things you used constantly. You don’t have to lose anything once you become an owner of the iPhone. Besides, your favorite apps will stay with you. If there are some apps that Move to iOS can’t find, you may search for similar apps with another name.

This is one of the most convenient transferring apps. It is helpful and fast. At first, you will need to pick all the files you want to transfer. You may still find some content you don’t want to keep anymore. On your iPhone, you need to choose file transfer from an Android device. After that, you will be asked to confirm the security code. Then your phone connects with the wi-fi network and starts transferring the data you chose.

You need to know that the app works only if you have the fresh new iPhone. It may also be after the factory reset. You have been using the phone, it will not work. Don’t delay with this procedure. Do it right after you get a new phone.


Move to iOS app helps everyone who wants to transfer their data from the Android platform to iOS. It is easy and helpful, but you need to make a transformation while the phone is still not used. You don’t need to transfer all your files manually anymore. And your favorite apps may stay together with you.


  • Forget about the manual transfer of files;
  • Your apps can be found at iTunes;
  • No lost contacts;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • The whole procedure does not take much time.


  • iPhone needs to be completely new;
  • You need to have more free memory on iPhone for the transaction.
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