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Minecraft review

Minecraft by Mojang is an online sandbox-game, in which you can erect whatever you want from the pixel blocks. The game is captivating thanks to its RPG elements, build-all-you-want concept and huge online community. 112 million players are a living proof.

What’s awesome about Minecraft is that it puts no restraints on your fantasy. The gameplay is simple: mine resources, craft tools, upgrade tools and finally put these tools to work. You will also need a shelter in the classic mode quite soon. The reason is the flesh-hungry mobs that will pay you a visit after the sunset.

But when you have a place to hide, things get better. Now you can get to the real business! Build a furnace and crafting table. Then, farm all resources possible: gold ingots, wooden planks, coal, slimeball, cobblestone, phantom membranes, etc. You will need them to craft useful tools and deadly weapons.

For example. Leggings will protect, well... your legs. With a turtle shell helmet you can breathe under water. Crossbow is a perfect solution against phantoms and other airborne mobs. And of course, the pickaxe — this is your #1 ally in Minecraft!

Once you’re armed to the teeth, it’s time to get dangerous. There are so many quests waiting for you in this blocky world. Explore a dungeon crawling with skeletons. Land on the Ender Island and try to survive at least one night. Or go and collect the top rarest recipes: from Golden Apple to Glazed Terracotta.

As soon as you have plenty of resources, you can let your creativity run wild. Minecraft is famous for its epic constructions built by the players. There is almost an exact reconstruction of Minas Tirith. A must-see copy of the Dwarven city of Consilium. And one of the players even made an exact copy of his own room.

You can do the same. And get a bit more innovative with your constructions. How about a statue of Darth Vader made of TNT? Or maybe a gorgeous Baroque palace entirely built from cubic watermelons? Or maybe a Bad Santa’s house created from the sugar cane? Unleash your architecture genius. Even if it’s a bit explosive.

Moreover, Minecraft regularly gets updates and expansions. The latest one is Village & Pillage. In case you wanted a solid farm simulator in Minecraft — this pack is for you. Explore taiga biome, make deals with wandering traders and build a top-tier farm. 

But this idyllic countryside world filled with the sounds of mooing and clucking isn’t safe at all! The problem is, it regularly gets raided by the Pillagers. So, it’s up to you to either successfully fend these avaricious baddies off or… maybe join them?

And of course, you don’t have to be alone in your Minecraft journey. Every instance of the game, including Minecraft Android, has a smooth multiplayer. So, join forces with your buddies, forge a clan and go hunt the Ender Dragon!    


Minecraft is a game, in which you won’t run out of ideas. Spam chickens on someone’s territory for fun or work on a grandiose architecture project — your choice. Besides, there are maps, quests and stories created by other players. Many of them are worth a check.


  • Creative freedom;

  • Old-school art style;

  • Nice crafting system;

  • Humble system requirements.


  • Some expansions are exclusive to certain platforms.

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