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Magnifier review

Magnifier is an application which will help you to investigate any objects under any circumstances. You can find it in the lifestyle category at the store and get it for free. It is easily downloaded and used. Here you will find a simple digital magnifying glass and flashlight with LED Torch Light. Also, you are offered a Restaurant Menu Reader, and Prescription Bottle Reader. Such a set of useful options can be handy for a great variety of reasons.

For example, in a restaurant, you are suggested a menu written in tiny print, or you are looking for some food in a supermarket and try to read the content of a package with the familiar readability. Do not strain eyes! Just take your mobile device with downloaded Magnifier and use a magnifying glass with flashlight. You will read a text font without any difficulty. You should switch it on, wait for a second until it autofocuses. You can also zoom in or out if there is a need in such movements and perform your mission. Where else can you apply this powerful tool? You can need it in pharmacies with a lot of medicine bottles, a description of which is not clear in general and in addition it can be specified in small letters. You will read serial numbers of all the devices only with this tool.

The app includes a range of options and settings. You can apply high contrast mode and make the text even brighter. Crystal Clear mode provides the perfect readability. Invert mode with a black background and white figures is also available. Even screen brightness can be adjusted. If there is a need to make a text even larger, apply to magnify zoom allowing to do it from 1.0X to 5.0X. You can save the captured pictures in the Library of the app. In order to control all the options, just tap on the buttons, read the menu, and you will get the needed information.

The design is stylish in blue and black colors with a round magnifying glass which allows to make the text much larger and brighter. You will see the difference and will get used to apply this powerful tool every time you read something on the go. Users are satisfied with this terrific app. In particular, it is needed for those whose eyes are not so perfect!


Do not hesitate and download this app with such a useful Magnifying Glass. From now on, your vision will never screw you over. You will read the tiniest print without need in glasses or bright lighting. Every symbol is comprehensive and clear. Do not forget that you will get not only a perfect magnifier, but the brightest LED torch flashlight also. The app is constantly updated, and developer removes bugs. The latest version can boast of high adds performance, and that means that it gets over soon.


  • So easy to use.
  • Free download.
  • Lifesaver for people with poor vision.


  • There is an annoying add.


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