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Fitbit review

Enjoy a much healthier and more physically active lifestyle with Fitbit, one of the best internationally acknowledged applications for monitoring your daily activities. You can use Fitbit independently to keep tabs on your main activities and runs it on your mobile, or you can connect with one of the app’s multiple activity trackers and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale to unveil as many details about your health as possible. That will include tracking your steps, distance, calories, weight, etc.

Here’s why fitness mavens adore Fitbit that much:

1. You can track your health-related activity. The app will count your steps in the most precise manner, along with the distance you cover. If you want to monitor stats like active time, calories burned, etc., you need to additionally use a Fitbit tracker.

2. You can run like a pro. Monitor your speed, time and distance by making the most of Fitbit and MobileRun. Managing your music is a beautiful function. Managing routes through your mobile’s GPS is also available.

3. You can record your workout sessions. Make the most of the Fitbit tracker to monitor your workouts. Then look through the stats and keep track of your progress.

4. You get to monitor your heart rate. Combine using your Fitbit tracker with PurePulse™ to monitor your heart rate statistics within the application. Focus on trends, effectively deal with stress and keep tabs on your workout success. Don’t forget to note your resting heart rate to conclude when your fitness is skyrocketing.

5. You can enhance your nutrition. Count your calories in the most effective way possible. Get an outline of your eating history within a few taps. Access tons of handy nutritional hacks.

6. You will measure hydration. Evaluate your water intake to always stay fully hydrated during your exercising sessions and generally throughout your daily life.

7. You can set and achieve goals. Design your own eating and workout goals, establish a food plan and constantly follow it. Eventually, the Fitbit app will show you your progress using straightforward colorful visuals.

8. You can monitor your sleep. Use Fitbit to create your sleep goals, keep tabs on the time when you’re awake or sleeping.


The list of fitness possibilities the Fitbit application grants its users could go on forever. It’s great that you can also share your Fitbit stats with your family and friends to compare your progress and participate in challenges together. In a nutshell, the app motivates you immensely by sending you notifications once you meet the goals you’ve previously set. In addition to all this, Fitbit trackers are brilliant enough to sync your fitness progress details to PCs and a great deal of other devices for you to constantly monitor your success level without having to plug in.


  • tracks lots of things health and fitness-related;
  • excellent motivation;
  • helps challenging and connecting with friends directly via Fitbit;
  • allows you to watch progress to decide on further strategies;
  • available on iPhone and Android.


  • occasional bugs and hiccups;
  • sync doesn’t always work;
  • Fitbit trackers are rather costly.
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