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ClassDojo review

Class Dojo app is the real treasure for school communication. It allows teachers to get to know students and their parents. It helps parents to see what their children are doing at school and what results they have achieved. All three groups: teachers, students and parents live peacefully in Class Dojo, interacting with each other.

Parents can see the teachers’ techniques of teaching their children without coming to school. While students are able to share their work, parents can see it through the app. It creates friendly atmosphere and helps parents to understand what goals teachers reach with their kids. Teachers can see what parents of their students expect from them and react respectively.

Everything in the app is made to attract students, teachers and their parents to a productive dialogue. The app is made in vivid colors with the main focus on digital portfolios of students, open conversations and various uploaded material. It sounds disordered but it is not. The truth is the interface is well organized and is understandable for different age groups.

Every tool in the app is explained. You can follow a quick tutorial that will teach you how to navigate the app. You may also try to open the menu and find out how everything works. ClassDojo is a really intuitive app.

Teachers are able to make videos and take photos in the class. They can share them in the app right away, so parents would be able to see it. Parents have the possibility to see their child during the lesson, what can actually help them to understand each other better.

Students can exchange messages about the lesson they are at. It encourages them to work in teams and solve hard questions together. It may improve the social skills of many students who usually prefer not to be a part of school life.

While the interface is clear and understandable, it may take some time to learn most of the benefits of this app. If you are using numerous apps, you still will need to get familiar with the system in use. Take some time and don’t rush. Usually, it does not take more than a day to become professional in ClassDojo system.

If your children can do it, why can’t you? Find out what it be a part of the team, communicate with others and follow instructions you receive. The app starts with the basic level of knowledge for children and growing together with them.

The app has numerous tools and incredibly big tasks in front of them. And it does not require anything in particular except Android 5.0 system or higher and 47M of free space. No wonder, there have been several minor glitches in its work. Developers of the app make updates on the recent fixes. Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection as well.


This app increases the intensity of teachers-parents’ interactions and helps students to be heard. You receive updates of what is going on in the classroom and can help with improving the productivity of its participants. If you are a parent, you can take part in after-school activities and talk to your children about the most problematic questions that appear during the lesson. As a teacher, you can talk to both parents and students and help them to improve students’ results. As a student, you will find a safe place there.


  • Tracks students results;
  • Allows to share materials;
  • Teacher-parent direct communication;
  • Students work in teams.


  • There are minor glitches;
  • Some beneficial options are not free.
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Elina Rudkovsky

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