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Google Home review

Google Home is an application that you definitely need if you want to manage your Google Home and Chromecast devices remotely. The app is loaded with useful features needed for making calls and at the same time keeping your smart home under control. You will like the quality of music it plays and diversity of options it delivers controlling your TV.

It is connected with your cameras, lights, kitchen appliances, TVs, and more if all those devices are compatible with this software. It can be used as a universal remoter in order to make that staff perform tasks you need. In order to facilitate management, you are suggested the shortcuts for the most frequent activities. Now, if you want to switch the lights on, you do not need to look for that option in the menu. It is enough to make a single tap and get the result. Google Home makes your routine easier! You can get the information you need every day or every hour without any effort. You do not have to look for that data scrolling options and typing the requests. Make just a single tap, and it’s a whap.

We confirm that Google Assistant is very smart. It has common context and natural language with Google that is why you can count on Google Search and its other services without shifting to them by yourself. The app turns to them directly and provides you with needed information.

On the Home Page, you will see a suggestion screen and dashboard showing all devices which are compatible and can be managed with this app. You can apply an efficient search feature, allowing you to find a video, show, or movie in no time almost. Enjoy a convenient slide-out menu. In its Devices section, you will be able to change the settings for the connected hardware. Also, you can apply Guest mode when you want to grant another person access to your Home easily without using your Wi-Fi network. The app is really packed with features.

As to its downsides, there are some of them. Perhaps, you will find this app to be a little bit cluttered with too many options you do not know how to use. They are not tracked down in a simple way. In order to understand the purpose of some features, you should read the tutorial. For instance, there are a lot of apps integrated with Google Home, and you will hardly take advantage of couple of them. This is not actually bad, but if you want to be sure that you are taking the most of this application, you should master it going deep.




This application can be compared to Amazon's Echo as to its purposes. But Google Home is more intelligent, we would say. You can use it to listen to music, do quick calculations, translate phrases in foreign languages, understand meaning of the words, control smart home gadgets, and more. It is able to facilitate your daily life if you have Google Home or Chromecast devices in your houses.




  • A lot of ways to customize the functionality;
  • Powerful voice controls;
  • Stable control under smart devices.




  • Misunderstanding is possible.
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