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CameraFi review

CameraFi is an Android-based-only app designed for displaying and recording video content as well as for taking photographs from a USB UVC camera connected to a mobile device. So far, CameraFi doesn’t work on iPhones, but according to its developers, soon they’re planning to release an iOS version of the application. Now what’s with the fuss about the CameraFi app and why is it so appealing to its users? Let’s start from the very beginning…

The USB port is the most common and frequently used accessory for computers. It’s used for a multitude of reasons: file transfers, mouses, keyboards, printers, etc. Did you know that now you can use your phone like a PC? You’ve probably heard of that already. With an OTG cable and CameraFi, you can connect to higher quality cameras (e.g. webcams, wearable cams or DSLRs). Just plug it in and enjoy!

These are just a few humble suggestions of the limitless possibilities CameraFi brings forward to its users. Here are some more ways to make the most of CameraFi as well as the devices the application is good at ‘communicating with’:

  • dash camera: rear-view mirror and live streaming;
  • drone: watching and live streaming;
  • security: real-time monitoring on control room;
  • industrial microscope: PCB inspection;
  • beauty care: hair and skin clinic tests/analyses;
  • in-home health care: watching, sharing and keeping track of;
  • industrial borescopes: on-site inspection, reporting;
  • HDMI, CVBS, etc. with Converter: external monitoring;
  • sound devices with AudioFi: broadcasting yourself.

So, why to use CameraFi when modern smartphone cameras are top of the line quality, you may ask. The thing is, the application works beautifully with special purpose cameras like dash cam, microscope, wearable camera, etc. Also, CameraFi is great when you need to take limit-free pics/vids of things that cannot be captured with your mobile camera.

In addition to all these amazing possibilities, CameraFi can also be effectively used for streaming and recording video conference calls. In other words, it’s the perfect instrument that can assist so many professionals in their fields of work: scientists, medical professionals, car repairmen, security companies, and even ambitious self-employed bloggers.


The application was created to function on smartphones and tablets that work on Android version 4.1 and above. What’s interesting is that the team behind CameraFi is planning to provide the wireless connection function in the near future. And you can use CameraFi with GoPro by connecting it with UVC HDMI grabber card. In the long run, using CameraFi can stimulate camera manufacturers to create even smaller and less expensive USB cameras. Certainly, some bug fixes are required, but generally, the application opens a huge window into a whole new world of possibilities.


  • video & audio recording;
  • live streaming;
  • compatible with GoPro;
  • works with multiple special purpose cameras (microscope, dash cam, enoscope, etc.);
  • no rooting needed.


  • no wireless connection (yet);
  • doesn’t work on iPhone;
  • in-app ads.
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