How to Find the Best Wallpapers for Android

Elina Rudkovsky


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Wallpapers are the simplest form of giving your device some persona. Every Android device, including a mobile phone or a tablet, comes with an array of various vibrant wallpapers that can be selected to apply as your home screen or lock screen background. However, some of these are not all that good and that’s where we come in. Here is a list of the top 6 places where you can find stunning wallpapers for your device.

Google Wallpaper

Google Wallpaper app screen

Alongside the Google Pixel app, Google decided to launch a unique wallpaper app. With a wide range of wallpapers available in different categories from abstract images to patterns, architecture, nature, and a lot more, you can select from an array of images to match your daily mood. The collection keeps expanding to give you new images everyday both for your home screen and your lock screen.


Muzei app screen

Unlike the traditional wallpaper apps available, Muzei gives you the chance to view different wallpapers on your screen every minute. Choose from thousands of versatile images and utilize the Muzei plugin to help you select the best from various sources to show up on your device screen. If you do not like any particular image, the app comes with settings that can be easily accessed, allowing you to skip to the next image.


DeviantArt app screen

Search and select from the biggest most unique online image communities and adorn your device with any picture that you fancy, all thanks to the Deviant Art. With a variety of some of the most exceptional, high quality wallpapers available on the internet, DeviantArt is the app to go to. Along with brilliant art pieces and images, it can also help users create the perfect Android theme.


InterfaceLIFT wallpaper

Although InterfaceLIFT is an app that mainly caters to iPhone wallpapers and themes, Android users are also open to searching and selecting from a variety of images and wallpapers. This app offers wallpapers and images to perfectly fit every screen size and device. With over 3000 different images, users can download or set images as their daily wallpaper.

Wallpaper Weekly on Android Central

Android Central logo

There are many apps online that offer various sources or images to use as your device wallpapers. With this, Android Central has also come up with their own weekly wallpaper posts that keep users up to date with the latest most vibrant wallpapers that include a diverse range of images from different categories to help you with your requirements.

Android Central Wallpaper Forum

Android central forums are usually utilized for new upgrades, new devices and special announcements, but it is also used to showcase new and colorful wallpapers and themes. These forums include various users sharing a variety of wallpapers that they like, with other users who are a part of the forum. Here you may find a special theme forum with links to sources where you can find images and themes that you would like to download and utilize on your own device.