What’s What in June Clash Royale Update

Elina Rudkovsky


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Whether you’re a hardcore Clash Royale fan or just a casual player, you’ll probably find the changes coming to the game with the June update pretty exciting. Without further ado, let’s find out what awaits you in this month’s new update!

Another Balance Update

Clash Royale was released in 2016 and it has managed to stay an extremely popular game for almost three years now. This is quite an achievement on just about any gaming system, but it’s particularly remarkable in the realm of mobile games where new titles literally appear every day. One of the reasons why Clash Royale has managed to stay a fan favorite for so long is the developer’s dedication to constant updates. As a player, it’s pretty difficult to stay interested in a game that’s not evolving, no matter how awesome it is. This is why Supercell has introduced Balance Updates - smaller updates that don’t bring a lot of changes in terms of gameplay but adjust different cards for more balanced and fair playing experience. The June 2019 Balance Update is a relatively minor one, as Supercell developers have stated that they feel Clash Royale has reached a pretty healthy state already. Consequently, they are only bringing in small changes to avoid upsetting the balance. This month, Supercell has chosen to modify four cards: Elite Barbarians, Rascals, Arrows, and Barbarian Barrel. Let’s take a closer look.

Elite Barbarians

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This is one of the most interesting and yet controversial cards in the game. The June update attempts to make Elite Barbarians more useful in Challenges while limiting their domination on the ladder. As a result, the damage dealt by this card has been increased by 18%, while the hit speed has been nerfed by 13%. This is supposed to make over-leveled Elite Barbarians less of a threat and turn the card into a specialized weapon that can be successfully used in certain scenarios.


If you’ve been using Rascals as your go-to defense card in Clash Royale, you’ll probably be disappointed to find out that the card’s been slightly nerfed. According to Supercell, the defense potential of Rascals has been too high and they couldn’t justify it staying that way. As a result, the damage output of the Boy is now lower to make the card easier to deal with, particularly after both Girls have been defeated.


Arrows might’ve been a good enough card before the update, but you’re going to love it even more now that the projectile speed of this card has been boosted by 35%. This means that Arrows is now not only a powerful but also a pretty responsive card that can be successfully used in a variety of scenarios.

Barbarian Barrel

Finally, there’s a 10% decrease in the amount of damage dealt by Barbarian Barrel. The developers explained the need to do this by the fact that Barbarian Barrel remained an above-fair-win-rate card even following the nerfing of Barbarian Hitpoints. The new stat should make this card more balanced and separate it from The Log and The Barbarian cards.

The Goblin Cage

The June 2019 update also introduces a new card: Goblin Cage. This structure has pretty low hitpoints and can be destroyed 10-15 seconds into a match. Once destroyed, the Cage will spawn Goblin Brawlers, capable fighters that deliver fast, aggressive blows to their opponents. To compensate for their dynamic attacks, Goblin Brawlers also have low hitpoints, so they’re vulnerable to various enemy attacks.

Other Changes

You can now enjoy the new Heist mode in 1v1 multiplayer, along with new Classic Decks and boosted Elixir Draft. Touchdowns and an all-new Rage mode are coming to 2v2 multiplayer in the June update. Earthquake is now making more frequent appearances, both in Jungle Arena and Clan Wars. Last but not least, you can now use the new Clan Trophy requirements to easily customize your personal Trophy goals and requirements (up to 7000 Trophies).

New Stats, Cards, And Modes

Unlike future Clash Royale updates which are likely going to bring around noticeable gameplay changes, the June 2019 update feels more like a maintenance effort. Still, the changes made to existing cards seem reasonable and the Goblin Cage card may well become a favorite for many players, so don’t hesitate to give the new update a try!