Now Rejoice Telegram’s Multiple Accounts and Quick Replies Functionalities

Audrey Hansen


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Telegram is quite a popular app and its recent update makes it all the more prominent. The recent update enhances Telegram Android app with two new and cool features. Identified by the version 4.7, the update enables the users to have multiple accounts on the app. The users can have up to three accounts and all of them with different phone numbers. They can switch between the accounts easily. For doing so, they need to go to the side menu of the app and tap the arrow that has been placed beside account name and phone number.

With this new functionality, there has been a little modification in the notification settings too. The users can either choose to receive notifications from all the accounts that are linked or they can select the account which they want to see the notifications from.

‘Support for Quick Replies’ is another new functionality that Telegram has recently added to its Android app. To use this feature, the users can press and hold a specific message that they wish to reply to and just swipe left. On doing so, they see a reply icon which they need to tap on. Once tapped, the users can either type a text or add any emoticon or sticker and hit the send button. As you use the ‘quick reply’ option, the app includes the quote of the particular message that you are responding to.

In its endeavour to delight the users, the team behind the Telegram app frequently comes up with bug fixes and improvement updates. Version 4.6 is the last update that the app came up with it wherein it introduced granular settings to download media. The same update also gave users improved link previews, ability to embed the messages to web pages, permission to use the albums, and enhanced security.