Top 10 Android Games Genres And Devs

Elina Rudkovsky


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Millions of people download mobile gaming apps on their smartphones every day. More and more famous game developers prefer to make mobile copies of their games, and some of them create only mobile versions. There are plenty of explanations why we prefer to play games on our smartphones instead of waiting to get to our PC or console. And if you are reading this, you probably know all of them.

Android games are our future

This is partly true. Smartphones brought a new era of playing anywhere you are, made augmented reality possible, and helped to start a multi-platform culture. Nowadays, there are millions of games for your Android. Just visit Google Play, and you will find there tons of games for free, tons for money, and some with in-app purchases. They have different genres, different level of replay value, graphics, gameplay. Since we don’t want you to get lost in these opportunities, we gathered our own list of favorites here.

Supercell Games

Clash Royale game screenshot

It is hard to imagine players who have never heard of crazy, fun, addictive Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. Their shooter Brawl Stars is getting popular with each new day, as well. And what about Boom Beach? They all have simple navigation and easy tasks to perform.

You can play these games the whole eternity, and will not get bored by the same routine. These games differ in genre. For example, Boom Beach and Clash of Clans are great builders of kingdoms, where you have to come up with a strategy. Clash Royale is a dueling game. Brawl Stars is a mix of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, a shooter and a MOBA.

Price: Free.

Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite and Pokémon Go

Harry Potter Wizards Unite game

If you are wondering why we put these two games here together, you have not played any of them yet. Yes, the games are different in their gameplay. Pokémon offers you to catch as many Pokémon creatures as possible, raise them, and stand against your rivals. Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite is mainly about searching for magical artifacts and dueling with your magic wand against other wizards.

But they offer similar Augmented Reality experience for you. They both ask you to give permission to GPS coordinates and camera. This way, you will be able to track objects from the virtual world in your reality. Walk across your favorite park and find Pokémon or magic portal. While these two are the most popular AR mobile games, for now, there are also The Walking Dead: Our World, and Jurassic World Alive games you can download on your Android.

Price: Free of Charge.

Zynga’s games With Friends

Words With Friends 2 game screenshot

Zynga offers various multiplayer options. They all have different themes but simple mechanics. You may find lots of familiar games from your childhood. For example, Words With Friends look very much like Scrabble. Chess With Friends name speaks for itself. Draw Something is pretty close to the charades we all know and love.

We played these games with parents, classmates, during parties. Now we can play them while riding on a train or bus or while waiting till the end of the working day. We know how to play, so it does not take much time to get used to its mobile version. If we did not play these games before, they are easy to learn and have lots of tips inside.

Price: Free.

Halfbrick Studios Games

Fruit Ninja game screenshot

If you love fun games without complicated gameplay, Halfbrick Studios is your developer. But you may already know it since the company is famous on Google Play. They offer Jetpack Joyride, Dan the Man, and Fruit Ninja. Raskulls is still in beta testing, but you may check its trailer.

Each of them has a different genre, but they all have simple mechanics and vivid graphics. Jetpack Joyride is an infinite runner, Fruit Ninja is a classic arcade, and Dan the Man is a mix of runner and fighter. They don’t need your full attention but can distract from daily worries or help to spend a few hours on the road.

Price: Free.

Rayark Rhythm Games

Cytus II Android game screenshot

Rayark is a Google Play developer. They offer amazing rhythm games for Android devices. You may find all of them on Google Play’s Rayark page. You may download Sdorica, Voez, Cytus I, II, Deemo and Mandora. Cytus II is Rayark's latest creation.

Cytus II offers rhythm game controls, smooth and colorful gameplay. All the songs are catchy and easy to follow. There are numerous content free of charge. Some of these games have permanent DLC with more songs as in-app purchases. It is a fair deal if you need more songs. There are almost none competitors for Rayark in the rhythm games genre.

Price: Varies.

Square Enix Games

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game

Square Enix developer is one of the longest standing “players” on the market. They came here before mobile games became trendy, and they managed to keep their reputation even after big companies appeared. Square Enix started with transforming their console games into mobile apps. Now they offer a wide variety of mobile-only games.

You may already be familiar with their games like Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Heavenstrike Rivals, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. They also offer you a multiplatform choice, including numerous Final Fantasy games. The company managed to keep the gameplay and graphics on a high level.

Price: Varies from the game.

Noodlecake Studios

Alto’s Odyssey

Noodlecake Studios is another game developer popular on Google Play. They offer numerous games of various genres. There are puzzlers Framed 1,2, and Lumino City, shooters like Island Delta. There are arcade sports Super Stickman Golf, Pumped: BMX series.

Anyway, the most popular games of Noodlecake Studios are Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure. And let’s not forget Farm Punks, which is a relatively new game, but already on demand. Developers offer unique bright colored graphics and a new approach to the gameplay.

Price: Varies depending on the game.

The Room Series

The Room Series game screenshot

The Room franchise offers puzzle gameplay for the most attentive players. Sherlock Holmes’ fans will love to solve the mysteries here. And its latest game The Room: Old Sins, released back in 2018, received positive feedback from the gaming community.

All The Room games include outstanding graphics, arcane, puzzles, easy mechanics. The latest updates offer multiple endings that improve the situation with replay value. For now, there are 4 games in series. There are no free games. The Room costs $1.99, which is the lowest price, and The Room: Old Sins is $4.99, which is the highest. There are no in-app purchases and no ads. If you are tired of meaningless running or jumping, this is a nice alternative for you.

Price: from $1.99 to $4.99, depending on the game.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley game screenshot

Monument Valley is a series of two games with the same names. Both of the games are incredibly successful, and great examples of good mobile games. They offer puzzles, unique graphics, and really easy to get mechanics.
Monument Valley 1 and Monument Valley 2 share the gameplay. You have to move forward, find new paths, explore the world. They have one problem – they are short. There are no ads or in-app purchases. Monument Valley 1 has DLC. If you are interested in these graphics and puzzles, you may want to check out Florence, another game from the same developer.

Price: $3.99 for Monument Valley 1, and $4.99 for Monument Valley 2.

Nintendo Games

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch game screenshot

We use to think about Nintendo as of the console games developer. But the company has already created pretty popular mobile options. Check out Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Super Mario Run costs $9.99, while others are free of charge.

The games are entertaining and can help you to kill time at work, on the subway, at home. They are not complicated to understand and have systems of rising levels inside. Three games are named the brightest representatives of their genres. In 2018,  Dragalia Lost game was released, and it has already received positive comments from critics. Apparently, Nintendo has big plans on mobile games.
Price: Super Mario Run $9.99, others – free of charge.

Which games to choose?

We gathered here the best game developers, series, and newcomers. All of them are worthy of your attention. Many of them are free, some of them offer in-app purchases, other cost up to $10. You can check them before buying or downloading them. There are numerous tutorials and walkthroughs on YouTube.

If you have not found the game you like to play here, on the list, you can share your own favorites for Android. Name the best games you have ever played on mobile here in the comments or join the discussion. You may offer your favorite game developers as well, just explain why do you love their games and which of them are the best