Speed Up Android After it’s Rooted

Audrey Hansen


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Android is the most popular mobile OS across the world. It is easy to navigate and more affordable compared to iOS devices. But not all Android users find the system an acme of perfection. Eventually, Android smartphones begin to lose their efficiency. Is there a way to avoid it?

If you don’t want to buy a new device right after the old one started to work slower than it used to, you have to read these instructions. The perfect way is to find out what is causing problems with usability. It may be malware, RAM, low memory, etc. But sometimes the reason stays unknown.

What do we offer?

The least painful way to accelerate your Android is to root it. After the quick procedure, it may regain its power. If you want to know more about it, read the article. However, you must understand that only you will be responsible for the results of your actions, so if you are not sure, learn more or give it to professionals.

Speeding Up Android Rooted Device

Actually, rooting Android is the best way to receive total control of your device. This also includes settings from carrier and maker. You get the rights of administrator, and now only you could be blamed for any problems.
Rooting allows you to download and install apps that can change the speed of CPU and improve the general exhibition of your device. After the rooting procedure is over, you can speed up your Android in a few steps. So what are these magic accelerators?

Apps to Make Your Rooted Android Productive

Forever Gone

You can’t probably think that deleted materials on Android are gone forever. No, they are being kept by this smart OS until you will need the space for something else. So, this place is never empty. Of course, after a while, your phone starts working slowly.

Forever Gone app offers you to clean your phone memory for real. It takes only a few seconds, and you receive empty space. But before you run the app, make sure you don’t actually need any of these materials. There is no turning back.

Smart Booster

Smart Booster app screenshot Android

Smart Booster app does not only search for empty space, but it also tidies up RAM. Many smartphones, after several hours of use, begin to act weird, freezing, slugging down. If you have the same problem then this app is for you. It cleans your RAM, including utilization you don’t want from background apps.

It is easy to use as well. In several snaps, you receive clean garbage bean. Smart Booster is lightweight and helpful.

ROM Manager

You can streak ROMs and utilize renditions on Android with this ROM Manager app in no time. The app does not need official discharges. It has a total rundown of well-known ROMs for your gadget.

ROMs are usually quicker than other forms of Android. It is easy to explain: they don’t have trash skin to hinder the device. You will not need to surf the Internet to go through the ROMs. Accelerate your phone in a few taps.


Greenify works perfectly for resting foundation apps. It is considered to be one of the most helpful boosters. Unlike many similar apps, it is actually intuitive and simple to learn. And the best thing about it, Greenify extends your battery life.

Greenify sleeps your foundation apps on Android and increases the life of the battery. You can now pick apps for the work in the background, apps like WhatsApp or Facebook. They will work as long as you need, while other background apps will not be able to use your battery power.


No-Frills allows you to get in charge of your CPU. It changes the frequencies and accelerates your device. It can be used on all rooted devices. The app works on a wide range of models. It works on rooted Android OS of Huawei, Samsung, LG, HTC, Kindle, Motorola, ZTE, and Oppo. There is only one condition, you have to root the phone.

You can raise CPU frequencies to the “Maximum CPU frequency” mode with the app. You may change it, whenever you like. Pick the noteworthy frequency while you are playing the game, and low it down when you want to save the battery life. This way, the gadget stays barely active.

Does it help?

There are many more apps for your rooted Android that help to accelerate it. We gathered here only the most popular and helpful. You may try other apps. But the first thing you still need to do is to root your Android device. There are numerous tips and instructions on the Internet. But if you don’t like the idea of rooting your phone by yourself, it is better to call specialists. The main idea of the whole procedure is to improve your phone from the inside. This requires lots of patience and knowledge.

Beware! Once you start the rooting procedure, your phone may lose benefits from company developers. If you want to keep them, it is better to think about how to improve the work of your phone without rooting it. There are plenty of simple steps you may find helpful in your situation.

If you have more apps to offer here, you can share their names in the comments below. You can also describe your experience with these apps if you have tried them before. Tell us your thoughts, no matter if you liked the app or not.