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Android Auto review

Android Auto is a smart application that allows you to manage other apps on your mobile phone while you are driving. It was developed and published by Google LLC, only for Android devices. Driving cars is a very responsible activity because you are responsible not only for your life but also for the lives of passengers in your car, oncoming car and just passers-by. With Android Auto, you can stay connected with the world without any risks. For example, you can answer the messages, turn on the music or see the route to your destination. To do this, you no longer need to pick up the phone and distract from the road. Just say “Ok Google,” and the application activates automatically.  Besides this, users can:

  • Check the calendar to know all your meetings;
  • Get the latest worldwide news;
  • Set reminders;
  • Make calls and answer the incoming calls;
  • Use different messages including WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Google Allo, and so on;
  • Check the weather;
  • Listening to music from various applications, including Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, and others. 

Android Auto uses Google Assitant to perform the commands. Also, the application supports more than 500 different car models in eight countries: the USA, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, India, United Kingdom, and South Korea.

Android Auto has the requirements for the system: users need to have at least Android 5.0, but it is recommended to have Android 6.0. Also, be sure that your car or stereo is compatible with Android Auto.

The full list of supported cars you can find on the official website as well as the guided video on how to use the application. The powerful voice commands make it very simple to access the information, see the latest updates, and manage the mobile phone focusing on the road. Moreover, the number of supported external applications is always growing. Note, that Android Auto is not available in all countries. The full list is also on the official website. For now, there are more than 30 countries including Russia, Singapore, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, and others. 


  • The application is free to install and download; 
  • Powerful voice actions; 
  • Can connect to the external apps;
  • There are a lot of useful features;
  • Simple and intuitive interface. 


  • The application is available only on the Android platform; 
  • Works in nearly 40 countries;
  • Google Assistant for Android Auto is available only in eight countries.
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Android Auto is a simple way to manage your applications on the mobile phone, listening to favorite music, route to your next destinations, and so on. Android Auto connects to Google Assistant, as a result, it has powerful voice actions. The interface is simple and intuitive. If you consent, the application may have access to other applications on your phone. It is very convenient. For example, you can listen to music using playlists from Spotify or Google Play Music, pave the way with the help of Google Maps or Waze, and get real-time updates. Android Auto is an indispensable thing for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.


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